More Exciting News!

This week is just the week for dramatic posts. But I have more exciting news to share with you! My amazing sister, Kristina, has published her fifth book! I don’t know how she does it! And somehow, every single book gets better and better. I mean, how do you start off with such great books, and then you outdo yourself with each following book? Like I said, she’s amazing.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the cover and description of Promises Unbroken.

How much will she risk to save her sister?

Mae Ashton has every reason to stay in Georgia and marry the man she loves, save one—the disappearance of her sister. Although all evidence points to Hazel’s death, Mae’s discovery of a single picture changes everything. If Hazel is alive, Mae will find her. And she’s left everything to do so.

Davis Everleigh isn’t about to let Mae, his fiancée, go just because of a note that hardly explains her departure to New York City. Instead, he follows her to the city and gains employment with the man Mae believes is somehow connected to Hazel.

As Davis and Mae become further entrenched in their effort to locate Hazel, they find themselves facing a corrupt businessman and his ruthless henchman, Alberto Moretti. In a world of lies, will the truth prevail—both about Hazel and in their own lives?

Isn’t that just the most beautiful cover? And the inside’s even better. I love this book so much. I’ve been hearing about how many people love my man Davis, and I totally agree. But Alberto’s also cool. And Mae holds her own right there with them. I highly recommend this book! (And yes, I am biased, but this is honestly such a great book! 🙂 ) I’ll be posting my review of it once I get my hands on the paperback. (Yes, a paperback!!) I’m so excited to read it!

If you’re interested in reading it yourself, check it out here!

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