The Blography Tag!

Another day, another tag! Thank you, Grace and E.G. Bella, for tagging me!


  • Link back to the original site. (Thank you, Miles. Such a creative tag!)
  • Mention the one who tagged you. (Grace and Bella! Go check them out; they’re the best!)
  • Write an autobiography in seven words.
  • For this, they do not need to form a complete sentence.
  • To make it more interesting, answer seven seven-word questions.
  • Tag seven other bloggers.
  • Think of seven seven-word questions, or use the same ones as you answered.

I’m going to break the rules a tiny bit since I was tagged twice. I didn’t answer all of the questions (sorry!), because some of them didn’t really apply to me or were kind of a repeat. But I answered a lot of them. 😊

Okay, here we go!

Seven-word biography

Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.

That ’bout sums it up.

The Questions

What seven words would best describe you?

Oh dear. (That wasn’t one.) Flexible. Musical. Redeemed. Upbeat. Wordy. Thoughtful. Storyteller.

That was way too hard.

Where would you spend your last days?

Hopefully at home chilling with my family and finishing whatever novel I’m on. 🙂 Or, maybe I could go out in a blaze of glory and be doing crazy stuff up until the moment I die. That’d be kinda cool too. I think option one is still the best, though, because I’d hate to leave a project unfinished. Someone would just have to finish it for me. I pity that person who has to figure out my plot dilemmas and wild characters …

Who would write your biography for you?

Definitely my sister, Kristina.

Only after my death, though, because I wouldn’t want to be around to hear all the embarrassing stories she’d put in there …

What would you title your story?

Man, I hate titles. I can’t even title my own books, much less my life …

Maybe Abounding Grace? That’s stealing from Bunyan, in a way, but titles aren’t copyrighted, right? 🙂

What is your biggest regret in life? (I know that’s a tough one, sorry.)

Oof. I will forgive you, Grace, but that is hard! Probably instances when I should’ve given someone the Gospel and was too afraid to say anything. When you think about the possible consequences of that action in that person’s life and eternity, things get really bad really quick.

(Gonna steal Miles’s question here…) Who would you write a biography about?

Ooh! So many people, especially musicians. Their stories are crazy. Probably first place would go to Martin Luther, but there’s a million of those out there. I’ve been told I should write a biography of Max Bruch (and you say who’s that? Yep, that’s the reason someone needs to write a book about him. There’s only one non-German biography, and dude was a great composer. He was a little bitter and snarky, though …) Anyway. So Luther, Bruch, or maybe some other crazy composer. Schumann? Bach? Or Dvořák. Love that guy.

How would you describe your life story?

Blessed, but unexpected and untold.

Oooh, that was dramatic.

Some of the original tag questions

These are from E.G. Bella. 🙂

Starting simple, what’s your happiest childhood memory?

Another hard one, because I have so many! Lots of holidays were very good – Christmas and Easter in particular, as well as some birthdays. There was also the time my family went out West for about a week, and it was so much fun seeing all those places far from home with my family. Basically, a lot of times with my family. They’re the best!

Which age would you choose to revisit?

Wow. Hmm. When I was 15/16, I had a lot of musical experiences that were just so much fun. But I also had a great time during my first year of college. But last year was also great, because I had a wonderful time writing, especially in the summer, and 2020/2021 I felt like I’ve grown in the Lord.

Too many choices.

How would you have your biography end?

I’m out, dudes.

(I guess that’s my autobiography.)

What would you name the current chapter?

“Muddling through Life with a Faithful Guide”

For the other questions, I’m going to be downright honest here: I don’t read many biographies or autobiographies. The most recent I can think of and remember in general was John Bunyan’s autobiography, Grace Abounding. Definitely an intense read, but very interesting and edifying in regards to his journey to Christ.

But I don’t think I’m prepared to answer any of those questions about biographies, because I am no expert. 🙂


Kate Willis @ Once Upon an Ordinary

Sisters Three

Madi @ Madi’s Musings

Joelle @ The Pen Inspired

Abigail Kay Harris @ Read, Review, Rejoice

Faith @ Faith on the Farm

And you! 🙂

I’m not going to come up with any more question, because these are great. And I don’t think I could do all of them with seven words … 🙂

Thanks again to Grace and Bella for the tag, and to Miles for creating it! 🙂

17 thoughts on “The Blography Tag!

    • Aw, thank you! I thought about trying to write something beautiful like E.G. Bella did, but I’m just not that talented or classy. 🙂

      Bruch lived from the mid-1800s to around the end of WWI. He’s super famous for his First Violin Concerto (which I absolutely adore), but other than that, he’s basically ignored. He definitely deserves more love. 🙂 He was more “conservative” (musically speaking), so he wrote a lot like the earlier guys in the 1800s and was kinda lost in the shuffle of the more progressive musical ideas of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, I always feel bad for those underappreciated composers, writers, artists, etc. when they’ve done something great but are largely ignored! (Yes, I feel bad for them even if they’re already dead, haha!) Thanks for mentioning him or I’d probably never know he existed! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Right? Everyone deserves to have due credit. And thank you for listening to my short spiel about Bruch! It was probably way more information than you wanted. 🙂 But I’m always eager to talk about my favorite composers, hahahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You definitely have more faith in your sister than I do. I wouldn’t trust mine to write a sentence of my biography. She’d fill it with embarrassing stories, nicknames, and the uncountable tales of my clumsiness.

    Ooh, I’m with you on the biggest regret. I know I’m supposed to, but I let introversion, grumpiness, and apathy get in the way. And your current chapter title is wonderful (though I think that’d be all of my chapter titles…).

    This is definitely an interesting tag. A bit macabre and necessitating deep thinking. Thanks for tagging me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha, exactly – my sister would do the same, but since she’s such a great writer, I can’t pass that chance up. Also, the part about me being dead first is key. 🙂

      Absolutely, I so agree about sharing the Gospel with people. Definitely a struggle of mine that needs lots of prayer and dependence on the Lord to correct.

      You’re so welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing your answers. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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