Review of It’s Called Grace by Virginia Henderson

It’s Called Grace by Virginia Henderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

This was such a sweet, relaxing book. Don’t get me wrong – I love high-stakes drama and intrigue and intensity, but sometimes it’s nice just to read something that’s more everyday life. Even though there wasn’t much action, the character development and interactions kept me turning the pages.

So let’s talk about the characters. Rachel was a sweetheart, and I loved her devotion to her daughter, Peggy, and how hard she worked to care for her. I also really enjoyed Sophia (she was probably my favorite character) even though she could be a little spoiled. I appreciated that Sophia wasn’t portrayed as some high and mighty rich woman who didn’t care about anyone else. I feel like that’s an cliche character or something. While Sophia was very rich and spoiled, she wanted to help others and urged others toward helping other people who were less fortunate. Now, for William … well, let’s just say I started liking him more toward the end of the book. However, I would’ve like to see more of him so I could get to know him better. The other characters were great (well, at least most of them, besides Sophia’s conceited friends) – Rachel’s co-worker was fun (I want to see more of her!), and Beth was just great. (Also, I am saddened about Beth.) Oh, and Steve! I almost forgot about him! I loved Steve. He was one of my favorite characters – he sounded like such a wise, kind guy!

The plot moved pretty smoothly and didn’t really have any confusing parts. Even though this was a Christmas story, it wasn’t like the really sappy Hallmark-style Christmas stories. However, there were some really sweet moments, too, which were great.

There were several themes explored in this book – helping others, moving past grief, God working through difficult situations, and God’s ability to save and heal. This part of the book was really good. Rachel, a faithful Christian, influenced both William and Sophia in ways they never expected! This author didn’t just skim over the important of Christ and the Gospel, and that was lovely.

Overall, this was just the type of book I needed to read, and I’m looking forward to reading the second book in the series!

Thanks to the author for a free copy of the book in exchange for a review!

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