Blography Tag 2.0!

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Thanks to the lovely girls over at Sisters Three who tagged me again! Now I get to answer this tag a second time but with different questions. (Sisters Three have some really great questions!)


Link back to the original site. (Thanks again Miles!)

Mention the one who tagged you – Sisters Three! Thanks again, you guys!! 🙂

Write an autobiography in seven words (already did this on the first version of the tag.) For this, they do not need to form a complete sentence.

To make it more interesting, answer seven seven-word questions.

Tag seven other bloggers.

Think of seven seven-word questions, or use the same ones as you answered

What’s the worst memory from your childhood?

Wow, this one starts out rough. Thankfully, I don’t have any super traumatic stories in my childhood. One thing I will say, I was a huge perfectionist, and whenever I didn’t get a 100 on a test/quiz/anything graded I had a mental breakdown. I made things way more dramatic than they needed to be.

What is your favorite biography or autobiography?

I think I’ll have to go with Grace Abounding by John Bunyan. (And yes, I know that I mentioned this was like the only biography I’ve read in recent years. But it was good.) I did just finish a sort of biography about the composer Dmitri Shostakovich, and it was super interesting. But it wasn’t a true biography, and Bunyan’s beats it big time.

How would you start your awesome autobiography?

“On a day many years ago, this stranger was born into the world.”

That makes me sound kind of cool instead of weird. Maybe. 🙂

How would you end your awesome autobiography?

I’m going to reuse this one from my last blography tag.

“I’m out.”

And I’m not so sure my autobiography would be that awesome, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

Would you rather read biographies or fiction?

Definitely fiction. I think I would really enjoy a biography if it were well-written and engaging, but fiction is just my favorite. However, biographies are cool because they really happened, and reading composers’ and musicians’ biographies is something I’d like to do when I have boatloads of free time.

During a crises what would you do, go!

Hmm … pray. Then try to keep from panicking and pray some more. I’m not super cool-headed in crises (sadly), but I hope I wouldn’t be like the characters in books that wig out during bad situations. But I probably would be. Definitely something to work on.

What animal would you write (a) biography about?

What an interesting question! Probably the horse. Or a cat. I feel like a cat’s story would be hilarious to write. So snarky.

Thank you guys again for the tag and questions! Since this is the second time I’ve done this tag, I’m not going to tag anyone or make up any new questions. Feel free to take this tag as your own, though!

9 thoughts on “Blography Tag 2.0!

  1. Haha, we love your answers!!!
    We would probably freak out during a crisis, but you know we have this hope that we wouldn’t…lol…thanks so much for doing the tag! We’re glad you enjoyed it!!!
    Such, great answers! And we’re confident your autobiography would be amazing!!!!!
    Hahaha, a cat’s biography would definitely be an interesting read….lol….

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