March Newsletter!

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Today, my very first newsletter is going out to all my lovely subscribers! If you haven’t subscribed, and you’d like to hear more of my authorly ramblings, please click the link below!

If you are subscribed and haven’t received your newsletter, please check your spam. For some reason, lots of emails are being banished there. (Any techy people out there, do you know why this is happening? I am so clueless…)

7 thoughts on “March Newsletter!

  1. Eeeee congratulations Vanessa! This is so exciting. πŸ˜€

    I don’t quite know how your newsletter service works, but maybe you could try including mergetags? Both in the email and in the To: option for recipients. That’s worked for me. Then again, I received the confirmation email just fine, so…there’s that. XD Technology is strange


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