ABC Tag!

I’ve done several tags recently, and I’ve got to say, this one might’ve been the most creative yet. Thank you so much to the girls over at Sisters Three (Kayti, Jaidie, and Rissy) for tagging me and making up this tag! This was so much fun – and kind of hard, too!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to the original blog! Thank you Sisters Three!
  2. Include the hastily constructed graphic in your post! (lol)
  3. You must write a 26 sentence story each sentence starting with a letter from the alphabet. (Example, first sentence starts with a, second with b, third with c, and down through the whole alphabet!)
  4. Nominate 7 bloggers or writers to do the challenge!
  5. Have fun! (And try not to get stuck on x and z….lol…)

All right, here goes …

A single chance.

Because if I didn’t make it across this blazing hot beach, those pirates would forever keep milady’s rightful treasure.

Cursed fools.

Daring to steal her gold, her priceless heirloom jewels.

Even the cannons on the side of that ship wouldn’t keep me from fulfilling my duty.

For what?

Gold, jewels, silver?

Heavenly treasure was so much greater – and so was the rest of the treasure they’d taken.

I regripped my cutlass, sweat slicking the handle as those unseen marauders waited on that ghastly ship, behind those tall rocks, everywhere … just waiting for me to make my move.

Just waiting.

Killing wasn’t hard for those men.

Life, to them, held no value.

Mine included.

Nay—their roaring guns and slashing swords wouldn’t stop me.

Overwhelming odds wouldn’t delay me.

Priceless jewels weren’t my true aim—but fulfilling a duty, a duty to protect, to defend, to honor a vow I’d never gotten the chance to utter.

Quite a high calling.

Riches held no allure, but faithfulness did.

So I drew in a breath, whispered a prayer, gathered my legs under me.

“The body they may kill, God’s truth abideth still

Unless God shielded me, I was already dead … but His truth still wouldn’t change, His love would remain.

Violent pirates held no power over the Lord of all.

With my trembling hand, I pressed the hastily-drawn map flat against the heated sand.

X marked the spot.

Yonder lay that treasure – and milady, who was the richest treasure they could’ve take from me.

Zephyrs drifted from the ocean, soft, drying the sweat and blood on my face … so I stood and ran—not for myself, but for milady and for my God.

Well, that got interesting in a hurry. Little dramatic, huh? (That’s what happens with mostly-unedited me. Mind you, it was edited … some. And those transitions are really hard with having to move on to a different letter.

Now it is your turn!

I Tag …

Grace Johnson

Alyssa @ Seeking the Timeless Anchor

Sherrice @ Penlightenment

Bethany @ A Ruby in the Rough

Grace M. Morris

Kate Willis @ Once Upon an Ordinary

And you!

30 thoughts on “ABC Tag!

  1. YOUR FIRST PIRATE STORY!!! I’M SO PROUD!!! *tears up* Seriously, girl, this. was. epic. I am AMAZED!!! Thanks for the tag! I can’t wait to give this a try – but I doubt I can do as well as you did! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww, you’re too sweet! 🙂 (And this may or may not have been my first pirate story … but possibly the only one that will ever be seen by the public. 🙂 ) I shall leave most of the pirate action to you, though, because you have it down to a fine art! (Which, if this were set during Rina’s pirating days, poor guy would not even have a chance, hahaha!)

      And I can’t wait to see yours. You will do so amazing. Girl, you wrote an entire book that was a way more epic pirate story that this ever will be, sooo …. 🙂

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  2. Hey, great job Vannessa! Now I’m intrigued to know the rest of the story!
    (I especially liked what you did for the harder letters like ‘x’ and ‘z’)

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  3. I really shouldn’t wheeze like as asthmatic horse when I saw “milady” the first time.
    Or sound like an asthmatic, sympathetic horse (with the confused question from my dad) when I saw that your poor character said his life had no value.
    I think he needs a hug. *sadness* But creative nonetheless! I liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yes, the sap! Milady is all kinds of silliness.

      And oh no! My original intent was that the villains thought the character’s life held no value, but I just read back over it, and it does sound like he thinks he has his life has no value. (Lack of editing, there. Or maybe this character is that messed up? I think I’m going to have to do a little bit of quick editing to clarify. You know, if I ever get the funds, would you mind being an editor for me? 🙂 I need help. )

      Thanks for reading!! 🙂


      • I can do sap and hilarity…😂😂😂

        Ohhhh, okay. My exclusive hug department is always open 24/7 though. 😂 Eh, that’s what happens when you write in a hurry…LOL!

        Dhkafhajdgahdh you ACTUALLY want me to edit for you??!!! Dhakfbaifbahfnwhfhwhfhwhd *expiring on my couch before running around shrieking and squealing*

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  4. Awww, Thank you for tagging me! (says little old late me, sorry about that) I’ll have to do this real soon. I’m a little behind on stuff right now, so it might still be a little bit before I can get to it. I have actually done a similar challenge when I was homeschooled. It was hard, ahhh!

    But you did so well on your story Vanessa! Love the little pirate adventure you gave us. Reminds me a little of the “Swiss Family Robinson’s” pirate scene with a Christian twist.

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    • Aw, no worries! And really? That’s so cool you had a similar challenge when you were homeschooled. I think Sisters Three actually got this idea from one of their assignments, too! 🙂

      Haha, thanks! I appreciate that. Poor guy was quite dramatic, but you gotta do what you gotta do in 26 sentences, haha!

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