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And I’m back with another tag! Two lovely ladies, Grace Johnson and E.G. Bella, both tagged me awhile ago, and it’s taken me quite a bit to get to this. But thanks to both of them for tagging me – it was good to think about some hopeful resolutions in my writing.


  1. Include the official Writerly Resolutions banner in your post.
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you. Grace and Bella! (Please go check out their blogs if you haven’t!)
  3. Tag at least 5 other bloggers who are also writers. You can tag as many people as you want!
  4. Ask them 5 new questions about their writing goals.

Grace’s Questions

1. Looking back, how has your writing changed over the course of last year? Are you satisfied with your growth or are you looking to evolve more over this year?

Given I just went through almost an entire year of editing/rewriting, I think my style has become a little more settled and maybe a bit more concise? (That last part is questionable.) Lots of editing has given me a clearer goal of what I want to see in my writing, and editing/rewriting in the same genre has given me a chance to really define what I want to sound like. I used to jump back and forth between historical and modern-day, and that really messed with my writing style. (Not that it wasn’t fun, and I would love to write historical again someday.) And no, I’m definitely not satisfied with my writing. I probably won’t ever be!

2. What needs the most change and thereby the most attention?

A few things – plotting in general. I love plotting as I go along, but I don’t know how sustainable that is when my brain’s in fifty thousand other places throughout the day with school and other responsibilities. I’m trying to be better about planning where I’m going with a story. Also, action scenes. The worst for me! It takes me ages to edit those things, and I need to really focus on what I want out of those scenes and see what works and what doesn’t. (Yep, this is coming from someone who writes suspense. I need help!)

3. How will you be focusing more on that aspect of your writing this year?

For the plotting … I should try to make a concerted effort to “outline.” (Aka, write down scenes before they happen.) I have an overall idea of the plot, but it’s getting from point A to B that’s the problem. And for the action scenes? Well, number one is putting my poor characters through more bad situations. (Poor people.)

4. What kind of impact do you want your actions to have upon the aforementioned aspect?

Hopefully planning my plot more makes sure that my plot is tighter in the first draft. I can wander a lot in the first draft (and I also need to accept that’s going to happen some, as well), but just making sure the story doesn’t have a bunch of extra fluff. And for the action scenes … I hope they’re tighter, stronger, and clearer.

5. Because all these questions sound like something out of a writing self-help book, it’s time for a fun one! What plot trope, character, theme, idea, etc., would you like to write about this year?

Hmm … that’s a good one. At some point, I’d like to get back into historical fiction, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to that with other projects. Someday, though, I hope, because I love historical fiction. 😊

Bella’s Questions

1. What’s one aspect of writing you’d like to improve in this year?

Outlining, as mentioned above, so my plots are less scattered. 😊

2. Do you have a new type of writing you’d like to try this year? (screenplay, poetry, short stories, novels, blogging, etc.)

Someday, I’ve love to try to write a novella/short story. All the stuff I write seems quite intense, and I have some dreams of writing like the sappiest little Christmas story ever using some of my characters from existing books. (Because hey, they need happiness after all I put them through. And Christmas in Moscow? Swoon … just thinking about it makes me want to write it. 😊)

3. What’s your biggest writing goal this year?

Publishing the next two books in the Grace Sufficient series. And writing at least one book. (Hopefully two, but my goals tend to be a little outrageous sometimes. 😊)

4. Is there a writing habit you’d like to develop this year?

Putting my nose to the grindstone and editing/writing even when I’m tired at night. Taking advantage of all the little bits of spare time and using them effectively. Aka eking out words when my brain is tired. 😊

5. One year from now, how would you like to be able to describe your writing?

Strong, emotional, impactful, vivid, powerful … yeah. Something along those lines?

Thanks again to Grace and Bella for that tag! You two are making me think hard about what I want to work on this year! 🙂

I Tag …

Saraina Whitney

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Sisters Three

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Thank you to my lovely sister for helping me come up with a couple of these. 🙂

  1. Are you planning on trying any new genres this year (eg., historical, fantasy, sci-fi)?
  2. What’s the hardest writing-related thing you’re planning to tackle this year?
  3. What’s one thing you want to change in your writing mechanics (eg., prose, etc.)?
  4. How many hours do you plan to write a week this year?
  5. What do you think will give you the most difficulty? (Aka, that one rebellious character?)

15 thoughts on “Writerly Resolutions Tag

  1. LOL, relatable with the plotting! I’ll be sitting in the midst of geometry when I get an idea.
    And then thirty seconds later, I don’t understand why the answer on the board is correct and that there’s something about a perpendicular bisector and lines. XD
    But I’m sure that you TOTALLY have NEVER done that… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Um … well, there was that one time in philosophy class where I totally zoned out and sat there and plotted. I never really understood philosophy, anyway, even when I was paying attention, so …

      But yes. 🙂 Ideas come when they come. How can we even attempt to stop them? 🙂


      • Andddd I didn’t reply to this…*facepalm*

        LOL, wow, philosophy class?? *raises eyebrows* Oy, there are so many…LOL!! No wonder your brain decided to take you down a trip of plotting for stories…XD

        It’s like, “BLAME MY BRAIN, NOT ME, OKAY?!” XD Carry out the whole “well, so and so told me to do this; so therefore I’m not accountable for it” Genesis theme. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oo thank you for tagging me!! Christmas in Moscow? Yes please!! Those dear characters need a break from all that suspense!! lol ❤ That would be a delightful little story. (I know, right? For my current WIP I know the general plot, but getting from A to B… that's the trouble! 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so welcome!

      And yes, one Youtube video of Moscow during Christmas, and I was sold. It would be so sappy, but it would be so much fun. Maybe someday … and I’d have to think up a plot that didn’t have even a trace of suspense. It might be a very short story. 🙂

      So true! All those little details in the middle of the plot can get so tangled …

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OoOoO I LOVED READING YOUR ANSWERS!!!!!!! I am SO with you on getting better at outlining, writing cleaner first drafts, AND writing better action scenes. I struggle with all of that sooooo much. You’re definitely not alone!! Also, I WOULD SO LOVE TO READ A CHRISTMAS STORY IN MOSCOW!!!! I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED this until you mentioned it. XD If you ever write it, I would DEFINITELY be one of the first to read it!!!!!


    I hope you accomplish all your writing goals this year!!!! Cheering you on all the way!!!!! *waves pom poms*

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aw, thank you so much for reading! 🙂 And yes, outlining is just so hard. And action scenes. And first drafts. And being a writer in general. 🙂

      Oh no, now that I’ve let that proverbial cat out of the bag, now I’m going to have to actually write this Christmas novella. I just need to figure out who it should be about … 😉

      Aww, I’m excited, too! And thank you so much for the cheering – it means so much to me! (And yes for pom poms)

      Thank you so much for this sweet comment, sister! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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