Review: Love from Afar by Penny Zeller

Love from Afar by Penny Zeller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Love from Afar was my first book by Penny Zeller, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But what I found was a sweet, gentle story with a touch of humor!

Characters: Meredith was a nice MC, outgoing and kind – and definitely a good match for Gabe! I loved that Gabe wasn’t this perfectly suave guy who could just charm a woman off her feet, but was realistically shy and introverted. Tillie and Lula were also fun to have around – the whole thing with the candy bribes was kind of hilarious. And while they both acted pretty mature, they had several traits that showed that they were actually kids, too, which was super appropriate for that age range.

Setting/Writing Style/Plot: I loved the Western setting, and the little events around the town were fun. Zeller’s writing style also fit the book well, bringing with it an elegant simplicity. And while the plot wasn’t super exciting, it didn’t drag for me. It just felt very relaxing and enjoyable!

Theme/Moral: There wasn’t a huge moral in this novella, but the characters definitely followed the Lord, which was great to see. I think maybe one theme that was a little understated would be waiting and trusting that the Lord would bring the right person into one’s life. Although there wasn’t a huge moral, this book was a very clean, Christian romance.

Overall, I enjoyed Love from Afar, and I’d like to read more by this author sometime. If you enjoy historical Christian fiction, find yourself a copy and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Review: Love from Afar by Penny Zeller

  1. Ah, no suave guy? LOL!! And wow, he’s INTROVERTED!! *expression of curiosity lines my face* Typically, guys in stories like these are the dudes that have some cheesy sort of love with a girl and have their own problems but don’t really have much of a relating factor with the reader (maybe)…LOL!!

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