This week, I’m so excited to announce that Unworthy (Grace Sufficient #2) is part of the Basketful of Books Giveaway. This giveaway runs 5/16 through 5/21, and the prize consists of twelve Christian books. The 1st place winner will receive all twelve books (authors’ choice of format) and the 2nd place winner will receive three books (authors’ choice of format) of their choosing. A variety of genres, from fantasy to historical romance to suspense and more, are featured.

Free books are the best! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. I’m like, “Who in the world are half of these people??” LOL!!

    Quick question: does it not exactly matter (well, the more entries you have, the better, I’m guessing) if you can’t have entries for some of these? I don’t have any social media platforms whatsoever. XD

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    • Right? There are so many amazing indie authors out there I’ve never even heard of, and it’s so great to find them!

      Hmm … interesting question, and I really am not sure. Maybe Madi will come solve the mystery for us? 🙂


      • *sighs* So many things I’ve yet to discover…LOL!

        Judging from what I’ve seen in one of Madi’s replies to Alyssa, Madi said that there we’d still get entry points from following newsletters. (Which is ironic, because I already follow three of them and I’m refollowing them or something. XD) So I’ll probably still be fine.

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    • Hey, Amelia.

      In answer to your question, no, it’d doesn’t matter. Of course, the more entry points the better, but people have won with even the minimalist amount of points. I don’t recall the exact amount of authors who included their blog/website/newsletter, but there are a goodly amount of points available just from those alone.

      Hope this helps!

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