Tour + Interview: Kaytlin Phillips, Author of World of Silence

Today, I’m honored to welcome my good friend Kayti to the blog! If you haven’t heard, she’s about to release her wonderful debut novel, World of Silence.

Silence. Complete silence. That was all I heard.

Fledge Owenby is a deaf archer struggling to be seen for his potential instead of his disability. When forgotten and left behind during a dragon attack, he thinks it is the chance to prove himself that he has been waiting for. But who knew one trip out of the bunker would change everything?

Saved from evil dragons by a dragoness, Fledge wonders why she would help him and soon discovers how similar they are. He is deaf and she is without fire. Drawn together by a bond, not even he can understand, Fledge and Galexia are unwittingly pulled into adventure.

Betrayal of the highest level, deception, and a war that never should have been. Fledge must find a way to end it all while trying to be seen as the boy he is, instead of the disability he has.


VH: Hi, Kayti, and welcome to the blog! I’m so excited to have you join me today, and congratulations on the upcoming release of World of Silence!

KP: Thank you for having me!!! Ek, thank you!! I am seriously so excited to be here!!!

VH: Tell me a little bit about your writing journey. When did you first start writing?

KP: Well, I wrote my first book when I was seven…it was basically a Roy Roger’s film I copied to paper, and I might have added one or two characters…lol…But I seriously started writing when I was fourteen. My sisters and I started a book together titled The War King (it’s horrible, but the concept is salvageable). That was fun, but it was quite crappy. After that I continued working on group projects with my sisters which I typed out for us on my Kindle Fire 7! Yeah, I didn’t have a real laptop till 2020…I wrote with my Kindle for three years, then decided it was a serious thing and I really should get a laptop because auto correct on a Kindle is killer…lol…

VH: What’s the hardest part about writing for you?

KP: Finding the focus and time, and also getting the image in my head onto paper. That is super hard. It’s like awesome in my head and then a million puzzle pieces when I try to write it. So aggravating.

VH: What authors have deeply influenced your writing?

 I definitely have to say that early in my writing endeavors, the authors that have left lasting marks are S. D. Smith, Andrew Peterson, and Chuck Black. To this day they are three of my favorites (Though don’t get me started on that, because my “favorite” author list is never-ending)! Their stories just drew me in and made me realize that I wanted to do that too! I wanted to write something that was going to make people feel what I was feeling, that inspired and gave hope.

VH: What’s one of your best pieces of advice for an aspiring author?

KP: Don’t give up and don’t compare your writing to others. Not giving up is key to success; you’ll never know unless you try. And comparison is a killer, so don’t do it. I’m trying to break this habit myself…because honestly if it weren’t for my sisters and mom saying just publish your book, I’d still be bemoaning the fact that I’m not as good as so-and-so or such-and-such. That’s okay though, because they’re not me, and I’m not them.

Honestly, there are so many tidbits of wisdom I’d love to pass along but those are the main two.

VH: What’s your favorite type of character to write?

KP: Well, I’m gonna be gender specific first and say boy characters. For some reason, I can’t write a girl to save my life…though readers have told me Adara is awesome, I find her annoying…lol…but as for more about the character, I like writing broken characters. Redemption arcs are beautiful! I’ve seen (and experienced) amazing ones! I’m broken, everyone in this broken world is…but to see God move so fully through us is amazing! I like a struggling character, not a perfect character. A character who is trying to figure out who they are and where they stand in the huge world, because, honestly, that’s me. I’m nineteen and still trying to find my place and worth and want to help anyone I can along the way!

VH: At what point did you realize you wanted to publish? How did you decide to go indie?

KP: So, I entered WoS in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards my senior year. I didn’t win, but I got an honorable mention…it meant a lot to me that they liked it. There were only ten awards given total in my region, so to be one of the ten stories…I was mind blown. I set out some queries but nobody was interested, so I looked over the manuscript again and beheld frightening typo after horrifying grammar…lol…it was a MESS! So I revised and changed a BUNCH! I cut out 20,000 unnecessary words and sent more queries…still no one was interested. So, Nov. 2021 I see a blog tour going on, snoop around a bit, pray, and then go to my mom with the crazy question, “Would I be crazy to publish my book by March?”

She said yes but encouraged me to do it anyway…we all know the deadline got pushed out…lol…once I was enlightened to how long this would take. But I’ve not regretted my decision. I’ve been told that after my beta reading the story was really good. My editor even asked if I had thought about querying again. I may one day…but right now I am content to release WoS for you all and bore you with this long answer…lol…

VH: What was the inspiration behind this book?

 My family was watching Sue Thomas F. B. Eye, which is about a deaf woman who worked for the FBI reading lips off of camera feeds and helping to stop crimes and terrorist attacks – super cool! So, this deaf archer kept popping up in my thoughts…I was like, “no thanks, I don’t write by myself. Run along.” Then he got a name…Fledge. And he stuck around and his story built. He was an deaf archer in a fantasy world (something, that as far as I know hasn’t been done before…at least not as the MC) My brothers are archers, I have lots of siblings, my sisters and I love dragons…and all those facts got together and created this crazy plot of a deaf boy and a mute dragon who needed to work together in order to survive. The whole other side of the story was a panster thing…I have no idea where it came from.

VH: What do you hope readers will take away from your writing?

KP: Hope and encouragement to keep on. That we can all fight the darkness around us in some way, even if it’s a small way. None of us are useless, we all have a purpose, a place, and a calling on our lives. I hope that when a reader finishes any of my books (speaking of future books), they can honestly say they feel like there is hope left in the world. That they feel they can make a difference. But most importantly that they know they have a purpose and that Someone loves them.

VH: What do your upcoming projects look like?

KP: Slow coming and varied…lol…I’m a genre hopper so we got exciting things happening in my writing kitchen. The book I am currently working on and hoping to finish before the end of summer is a YA Western titled Rivals of Skyline. It is the first in a series I am hoping to do set all throughout the western states.

Once I finish Rivals of Skyline I’m going to drop back into fantasy for a bit and write a novella connected to World of Silence…I’m excited about this project!

And then lastly (because to name off all future projects would take too long), I have a YA fantasy I started a while back and hope to rework and finish. It’s about a set of twins, and the concept was something new for me, and I was excited about it when I started but then got stuck and retreated…haha…

But that’s what you can expect me from me, randomness.

VH: Thanks so much for chatting with me today, Kayti, and congrats again! 

KP: Thank you for having me, Vanessa! It was so much fun!!!!

About the Author

Kaytlin Phillips is a homeschool grad who spends her days praising her Savior, reading, writing, blogging, and annoying her sisters with random thoughts. She is the fifth child out of seven and resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Her favorite hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, theology, history, blogging, ASL(Of which she only knows the basics but has good intentions of learning more), crocheting, doodling, wild orchid hunting, and anything she does with her sisters or family.

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12 thoughts on “Tour + Interview: Kaytlin Phillips, Author of World of Silence

  1. Wow, you wrote with a Kindle in the beginning? That sounds pretty hard! And congratulations on being one of the 10 stories that got an honorable mention!! That is so cool!!! 😀 Wonderful interview, Kayti and Vanessa!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yay, Kayti! It’s so exciting that you’re officially published, and hearing your publishing story is so awesome!

    I am excited for when I get a novel of my own published… But that’ll be a while away. I have to trust God that it’ll be in His timing… I have a habit of trying to take things over. 😅

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks, Riley!

    You’ll get there one of these days…and I know what you mean. I would have published sooner had not my family and something in me kept telling me to wait…and I did. I’m so glad I didn’t jump into publishing last year when I thought about it.

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  4. Lol, yeah Kindle’s auto-correct is so much fun to write with XD
    That’s so cool WoS was originally one of the top ten stories in your region’s writing contest!
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful interview, guys!

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