Writerly Updates

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since I’ve done one of these updates on the blog. Time just flies by, doesn’t it? How is it already June?

But since it is June, that means I’ve off school for the summer, and that allows me much more time to edit and write. Right now, I’m thick in the middle of a round of editing on Untold. Instead of heavy rewrites, I’m now at the point of removing picky little grammar issues and awkward phrasing. Oh, and making sure I don’t forget details, and the story makes sense!

So I’ve been marching along there, and I’m hoping to get it off to my editor (aka my mom aka the infamous Typo Queen) within the next month, Lord willing.

And while Untold is in the Typo Queen’s hands, I’m excited to begin working on the fourth book in the Grace Sufficient series. (Wow, that’s crazy to start talking about the fourth book!) I need to cut out at least thirty to forty thousand words, so that’ll be fun. I have learned that I’m not good at cutting out words. 😊 But I’m excited to dig into this fourth book—it might just be my favorite in the series—and to be reunited with these characters.

As for writing … wow. I’ve been editing so much and trying to juggle different things that I haven’t had a lot of good writing time, but I have gotten some in. And yikes. It’s rough. This plot is really hard to write. After going through all the different books with these characters, it’s really hard for me to watch them go through yet another trial. But I’m marching onward, and hopefully I’ll get to an easier section of the book in due time.

And finally, I’ve been thinking about other upcoming writing projects. I won’t give many details right now, but keep your eyes open in about six months …

How’s your writing going? Are you editing, too? Do you have long-term plans for thousands of projects? Any guesses for this mystery project? (Though at least two of you know, so try not to spoil anything.) 🙂

28 thoughts on “Writerly Updates

  1. Lol I’m not good at cutting words either… 😂 But wow, I definitely hope you get to an easier section of the book soon!! I’ve been having some trouble with my WIP’s plot too; like, I don’t want to force certain things to happen, so finding a natural way for them to come about is the hard part, along with keeping it reasonably realistic. Talking about it with my sister has been helping though! 😀

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