Interview + New Release: Falling for the Farmer by Hannah Foster

Annabelle Stuart made the mistake of falling in love with her brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to notice her beyond being Austen’s little sis. Annabelle becomes a roller coaster of emotions as she attempts to be just friends with a guy she loves dearly. Can she put her ultimate hope in Christ even if her romantic dreams never turn out the way she hopes?

Cash Reagan may be muddling in self-pity a little too long when a broken engagement breaks his heart. When he is finally awakened to the condition of his wayward heart, Cash seeks to rebuild his walk with God. But as his relationship with God deepens, so does a relationship with a dear friend. Can he navigate a budding romance while putting God first?

In honor of the release of Falling for the Farmer, I got to interview the amazing Hannah Foster! I read Hannah’s last book a few months ago (Something Sweet, Someone Sweet), and I really appreciate the way she writes such gentle, godly romances. If you’re looking for a short, sweet read, check out her books!

Interview with Hannah!

VH: Hi, Hannah, and welcome to the blog! I’ve been wanting to interview you for a while now, and I’m so excited to have you join me today. And a big congratulations on your recent release, Falling for the Farmer! 

HF: Awe! Thank you so much! I’m excited to be here!

VH: Tell me a little bit about your writing journey. When did you first start writing?

 HF: Well, I started journaling as a young teen and started blogging at sixteen. But I didn’t start writing fiction seriously until the last three years. I got into fiction right before moving to Israel for two years, and that lonely season of my life helped motivate me to put in a lot of writing.

VH: What’s the hardest part about writing for you?

 HF: I think the editing. I start getting bored of my own writing after rereading it so many times and every time I reread it, I see more of its flaws, making it discouraging. I also sometimes struggle with the middle point of the story. That’s probably because I’m a panster and don’t plan much of anything before I start writing.

VH: What authors have deeply influenced your writing?

 HF: Jan Karon influenced me with her town of Mitford, her delightful, unique characters, and the everyday life that takes place in her stories. Jane Austen has influenced me with her humor and talent though I don’t know if I will ever manage to write as well as she did. Louisa May Alcott has influenced me with the gentleness of her stories. And Grace Livingston Hill has contributed to my love for sweet clean romance. I’m sure there are a ton of other authors, as well, but those are just a few.

VH: What’s one of your best pieces of advice for an aspiring author?

 HF: Be strong enough to embrace your own writing style, but also be willing to accept feedback or critique. We don’t have to write exactly how every other popular author writes, but there are also always some things we can learn to grow and do better in. 

VH: What’s your favorite type of character to write?

 HF: Oh, dear. I don’t know. I do love writing quiet, strong gentlemen. Or sassy, feminine women. Probably because I can be a bit sassy myself. 😉

VH: At what point did you realize you wanted to publish? How did you decide to go indie?

HF: I think when I decided about three years ago that I would try writing fiction, was when I decided to get published, especially as I learned more about indie publishing. Publishing my own stories was a way for me to be motivated to really try and do my best. Indie publishing helped make that affordable.

VH: You write very sweet, gentle romances (which I love!) What are some of your best tips for writing clean and beautiful romance stories?

HF: Keep Christ at the center of a relationship, just like one should do in real life. Also, taking from my own experience of dating, keep the focus on getting to know each other’s hearts rather than just focusing on the physical aspects. Too often in real life and in books, the focus is far too much on the physical and the looks rather than on really having a relationship with that person.

VH: What was the inspiration behind Falling for the Farmer?

HF: I think I saw a writing prompt that sparked the initial idea and from there it turned into a whole story.

VH: What do you hope readers will take away from your writing?

HF: I want them to mostly see how important it is to keep Christ at the center of any relationship. If Christ isn’t the center then everything gets off balance. 

VH: What do your upcoming projects look like?

 HF: I have a secret project that I am working on with several other women. But I also am actually working on a story for Austen, the brother of Annabelle. And hopefully with Falling for the Farmer being published it will motivate me to get the brother’s story finished too.

VH: Thanks so much for chatting with me today, Hannah! 

HF: You’re so welcome! I enjoyed this immensely!

About the Author

Hannah Foster was born and raised in North Carolina where she was homeschooled with her eight siblings. She attended college in Minnesota where she got her bachelor’s degree in literature, learned to survive temperatures of below zero, and became Mrs. Foster. From a young age, Hannah has loved reading. Throughout her teen years, she also enjoyed journaling and blogging, but it wasn’t till her mid-twenties that she discovered her love for penning her own stories. Hannah’s desire is that the words she writes would bring hope and light in a dark world. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys baking, watercolor painting, and all things vintage.

Connect with her at her blog!

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