Cover Reveal: Unfortunate Events by Kaytlin, Marisa, and Jaiden Phillips

Mazleah has lost its Crowned Prince and the kingdom stands on the edge of ruin. When Kahtan Faber is forced into the King’s army life as he knew it collapses. Thrust onto a team with a brogue-speaking street boy, a secretive lordling, and his hometown bully, Kahtan quickly learns what it means to be alone. As a Blacksmith’s son who has never wielded a blade, he’s nothing more than a failure to those around him.

But when secrets about his teammates are revealed, secrets that could shake Mazleah to its core, Kahtan must decide whether to stand with his team or with his country. Although nothing in Mazleah is ever that simple. 



About the Authors

Kaytlin, Marisa, & Jaiden Phillips are a homeschool writing trio of sisters more often known as Sisters Three. They reside in the mountains of Western North Carolina where they spend their time hiking, reading, writing, and spending time with their family.

Kaytlin Phillips is Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction and Fantasy author. She’s a homeschool grad who spends her days praising her Savior, reading, writing, blogging, and annoying her sisters with random thoughts. She is the fifth child out of seven and resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Her favorite hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, theology, history, blogging, ASL, crocheting, doodling, and anything she does with her sisters or family. 

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Marisa Philips is a teen author, saved by the grace of God! She was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. She is the sixth child out of seven, and has been homeschooled her whole life. She likes to write fast paced stories that catch the attention of all and that will hopefully inspire them in a wonderful way.

She enjoys hiking, writing, reading a good fast-paced book, baking, daydreaming, teasing her sisters, and playing with her dog, Ruger.

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Jaiden Phillips is a teen author residing in the mountains of western North Carolina. She has six older siblings and one set of amazing parents!

More often than not you can find her sketching one of her wild ideas, writing out a scene for a book, or giving her sisters a healthy dose of sarcasm.

She enjoys praising her Lord, reading, drawing, writing, hanging out with her sisters and bestie, hiking if there is a destination, and wearing vibrant rainbow-colored things.

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For anyone who pre-orders Unfortunate Events, the authors are giving away some digital goodies! Which are as follows:

6 Character Cards

Early Access to the Unfortunate Events prologue

5 Phone Wallpaper Designs

4 Desktop Wallpaper Designs

And access to the YouTube Playlist!

All you have to do is pre-order and fill out the form to claim your digital goodies!

Cover Reveal!


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