Writers’ Vision Blog Tour: Interview with Kaytlin Phillips

VH: What first inspired you to begin Writers’ Vision?

KP: At first it was a crazy hairbrained idea that I quickly dismissed as another one of Kayti’s crazy thoughts; I have lots of those. But it wouldn’t go away. God kept bringing me back to my need for community and the lack of it, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I kept being nudged in the direction of creating what it was that I felt I wanted. And that’s how WV was born.

VH: Did you ever imagine yourself starting something like Writers’ Vision, or was it a sudden idea?

KP: I didn’t imagine I would start something like this, because honestly I don’t feel qualified. I don’t feel like I know enough about writing, but God has been showing me more and more it’s not about what I know but what He is telling me to do. So, though I may not know everything there is to writing or publishing, I do have a passion for story telling and for helping others to understand the power of their words.

VH: What’s the motto/mission statement of Writers’ Vision, and how did you come up with it?

KP: I don’t have it officially written anywhere (still need to do that) but to me the motto and mission of Writers’ Vision based off the verse I chose for the site, is to serve God in all we do, reflecting who He is in all we write. We strive to help others succeed in perfecting their writing ‘vision’.

The whole reason WV was started was to create a space for Christian Creatives to connect, to get inspired, to talk about what they are struggling with or celebrate their victories. It’s a family more than a community.

VH: What is the hardest part of running Writers’ Vision?

KP: Probably keeping up with the content. Between trying to figure out who to interview and ask to guest post and when to post everything it gets hectic. Then I’ve had to give up on trying to keep up with everything being posted in the community because running the site and making it more accessible for everyone is taking up most my time. But it’s been great!

VH: What is your favorite aspect of the website/community?

KP: Most members have told me their favorite part is the community, and I have to say I love the community too! It’s just great to connect with other writers for sprints and edits and just anything. But I also enjoy the blog, the encouragement and empowerment I strive to deliver over there often does me a lot of good, and I hope does some good for our members and subscribers!

VH: What’s your long-term goal for the website?

KP: The long-term goal is to reach as many writers as possible and let them know the power they have. That stories are never just stories, that the world needs to hear what they have to say. I want WV to be a place of encouragement and motivation for writers, an empowering space that helps them see their true worth and potential, while also helping them make friends and connections with other writers.

VH: Since life can be so busy, how can people get involved from least amount of commitment to most commitment?

KP: Subscribing to the blog requires the least amount of commitment, but lots of benefits since you’ll be notified of new posts, interviews, and anything that’s going on around the site publicly. 

Being a member I would put a mid-tier level, you can interact in our private community and read others works, answer questions, ask your own questions or post your writing. It’s a fun space that we’re always updating to best serve our members.

The highest level of commitment would be volunteering to help around the site by writing guest posts or coming aboard the team to help send out interviews and line up guest posts. I have several people who have helped with guest posts and who have been interviewed that are members and one full-time fellow team member. Louise Taylor is our story contest manager and keeper of my sanity; she’s been a real blessing!

Thank you so much for having me, Vanessa! I had so much fun answering your questions!


Hello, I’m Kaytlin!

A homeschool grad, blogger, influencer, and the author of the MG fantasy World of Silence, Co-Author with my sisters, Marisa and Jaiden, of the YA Fantasy series The Dragon Prince Chronicles, and have been featured in the Seize the Night Anthology.

I first discovered a love for writing at the age of seven when I plagiarized a Roy Roger’s film into my own book. Since then I’ve become more creative and write books of my own invention, which are usually stories of hope, purpose, and redemption.  More often than not you can find me with my nose in a book, whisked away to some fictional setting.

Through my stories I long to present the Savior and His overwhelming love for us, I want everyone to know they are never too far gone for God to save them and that everyone has a purpose!


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