Cover Reveal: Clarion Hope by Laurel Luehmann

dare to dream that there’s more than this broken road,

and that beauty may lie on tomorrow’s edge…

A sequel of sorts to the author’s debut collection, Clarion Hope takes the spark of courage held out in This Will Not Last and fans it into a roaring flame. Over and over again, scars are healed, brokenness is bathed in tears, and fear is buried in the name of the truth and hope of the highest order.

For the boldest warriors and the faint-hearted alike, Clarion Hope is a battle cry to live in the light of the coming Kingdom.



About the Author

Laurel Luehmann has a passion for capturing the raw beauty and emotion of life in words to share with the world.
Some of her happiest moments are spent chatting with kindred spirits, mashing potatoes, singing and playing the guitar with gusto, and dairy farming with her family in the Midwest.






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