King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp!

Credits to The Unofficial King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp’s Street Team!

Are you a writer who loves getting together with a group of like-minded writers? Are you a Christian lady who yearns for the encouragement and camaraderie from fellow Christian ladies? Then you should check out The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp!

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A Post for Valentine’s Day

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day (except if it means some really good, really dark chocolate or some chocolate chia pudding – anyone out there a chia pudding fan?), but I thought today would be a good time to bring back one of my favorite blog posts written to date. We can all deal with feelings of jealousy, discontent, and bitterness around this time of the year (or any day of the year) when we see all the people around us “moving on” in life – eg., dating, getting engaged, getting married, having children, and so on.

But here’s your reminder that you are exactly where you need to be right now as long as you’re obeying the Lord’s commands for your life. And never forget – you are loved far more than you can ever imagine, believer.

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Happy Birthday, Unworthy (And Why Did I Write about Depression and Suicide in Christian Fiction?)

Can you believe it’s already been a year – give or take a day – since I released Unworthy? (I kinda can, but it seems weird to think about it.) Of the three full-length novels I’ve written, Unworthy probably suffered the most from my over-enthusiastic editing. The original version of the book doesn’t look even halfway close to its published version.

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