Spotlight: A Family for Christmas by Hannah Foster

Eleven-year-old Lori finds herself all alone just before Christmas, longing for a home, a family, and maybe a real Christmas, too. But is Christmas even real, or is it just another fairy tale? When a stranger turns up on her doorstep offering to help her, can she trust his kindness?

This is a heart-warming story about family, a first Christmas, and how God’s plan is always perfect in the end.

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Spotlight: Home Where She Belongs by Penny Frost McGinnis

Small-town romance with a dash of mystery and the promise of hope.

Tired of being a pawn for her father and an emotional punching bag for her ex-boyfriend, Sadie Stewart escapes to Abbott Island where she spent summers with her grandparents. Would the love and faith she learned from them be enough to fuel her new life? She wants to believe God’s promises, yet broken trust holds her back.

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Interview with Angie Thompson, Author of The Chronic Warrior Chronicles

And I’m back today with a very special guest! I interviewed Angie Thompson a bit ago, and I’m thrilled to have her back on the blog today in honor of her newest release, the Chronic Warrior Chronicles. Instead of releasing an entire book, Angie is releasing chapters of this latest project weekly! (Yay, a serial for those of us who struggle to find time to read.) So enough of my rambling – let me tell you about The Chronic Warrior Chronicles.

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New Release and Guest Post by E. B. Roshan, Author of Judgment Call

Kiva is handsome, generous, and very much in love with recently-widowed Preen Enda. But the thought of becoming his wife fills her with dread—especially when men from her past—men who know too much—begin appearing in her peaceful town. It’s only a matter of time before her secrets are revealed.

If Kiva learns the truth about what happened to Preen’s first husband, will he still want to become her second?

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New Release: Darkness Draws Near by Kristina Hall

All right, guys, today is an exciting day, because I get to tell you all about my sister’s newest release, Darkness Draws Near! This is the second book in her series, Kentucky Midnight, and let me tell you – it’s so good. Dystopian, yet not your typical dystopian, a romance, yet not an average romance, and suspense – it’s full of action! And the characters … don’t even get me started on Friedrich and Mellie. 🙂 Those people are so much fun. And did I mention there’s a pro-life theme? Yeah, that just blew my socks off, because that makes the book even better than it already was. Have I convinced you yet? 🙂

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