Blog Tour + Author Interview with Kellyn Roth

Today is such an exciting day, first, because this post is a part of a blog tour for Kellyn Roth’s latest novel. And even more exciting, today is the launch day of said book, the third in The Chronicles of Alice & Ivy, called At Her Fingertips! I actually got a chance to read this book a few weeks ago, and for anyone of you who enjoy historical fiction (especially high society British historical fiction and Jane Austen-esque books), you should get your hands on it! If you missed it, here’s my review of At Her Fingertips.

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Review of At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth

At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At Her Fingertips was my first of Kellyn Roth’s books, and even though it is the third in the series, I was able to read it as a standalone quite easily. At least until the end, when that cliffhanger was thrown into the epilogue. That’s a sure way to make me want to read the next one!

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