Blog Tour: Spotlight + Book Review for Daylight by Grace A. Johnson

Today, I’m honored to be a part of the blog tour for the release of Grace A. Johnson’s latest release, a wonderful short story called Daylight! I’ve read two of her books (here’s my review of Prisoner at Heart and one for Held Captive if you want to check them out. Also, for those of you who are reviewers, Grace is offering a free copy of Held Captive at her website in exchange for an honest review. I’d highly suggest you scoot on over there and get yourself a copy! :)). Just let me tell you, Grace is an author to watch!

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Review of Held Captive by Grace A. Johnson

Held Captive by Grace A. Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

Ah, this was such a fun read! Rina kept cracking me up – I really lost it when she pulled out the bottle of rum like any good pirate and took a couple (or maybe more) swigs. She was truly a memorable character in so many ways! She was not this small, delicate woman like most Christian fiction heroines are. Nope, this girl was a pirate through and through! She was definitely my favorite character, but Xavier was also a good character opposite of her. His sense of humor won him some points there, and he was the type of guy to get along well with Rina. Not everyone can fall in love with a lady pirate, mind you – those are special sorts.

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