Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope each and every one of you have a lovely day and get to spend it with families, friends, and lots of good food. Thanksgiving always makes me get excited about yummy food, but what’s even more important than yummy food is the opportunity to remember and thank the Lord for all He’s given us. And He is so good, so kind, and so generous, isn’t He?

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Mini-Review of Spurgeon’s Sermons Vols. 1-10

Spurgeon’s Sermons Vol. 1-10 by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I honestly don’t even know where to start on this review. Reading through all of these volumes took me around eight months, and I don’t regret it at all. The power and passion in these sermons is immense, as well as the wisdom and Biblical knowledge. While I don’t agree with everything Spurgeon said (there were a few weird lines about evolution/age of the earth, etc.), there was so much goodness that I could easily overlook a few differences. The love this man had for Christ was enormous, and just reading these sermons showed a man of God who truly loved and knew Jesus so deeply. He preached of the love of Jesus and the power of His Blood so often!

There was also stunning honesty as Spurgeon dealt with his own failures and his battles with depression. He never pulled punches in telling his congregation that Jesus is enough for everything that we could face, that Jesus saves and keeps His children completely and to the uttermost. These sermons weren’t a righteous man looking down his nose at his congregation, but rather a heartfelt, loving plea from a sinner to even the worst of sinners, because Jesus is the Savior, the loving Savior of the vilest. Spurgeon realized how vital the Gospel is, and he preached this Gospel with a desperation, like a man trying to save another from a burning building. I absolutely loved reading these sermons, and it’s evident that the Lord worked through Spurgeon mightily. To God be the glory for these wonderful sermons, and I am so thankful I had to chance to read them. I was very blessed by these sermons, and I would recommend these books to any Christian.

Mini-review of The Everlasting Righteousness by Horatius Bonar + Select Quotes

The Everlasting Righteousness by Horatius Bonar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This little book was jam-packed with glorious truth. Bonar’s writing is beautiful but clear at the same time. I loved the focus on Christ and Him alone. In fact, one of the chapters is entitled, “Not Faith, But Christ,” in which Bonar explores the truth that our faith, though the link to Christ, is not in the end what saves us. Christ saves us, no matter how weak or trembling our faith is, as long as it is placed in Him. He is our salvation, the strength of our faith is not.

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