Spotlight: A Family for Christmas by Hannah Foster

Eleven-year-old Lori finds herself all alone just before Christmas, longing for a home, a family, and maybe a real Christmas, too. But is Christmas even real, or is it just another fairy tale? When a stranger turns up on her doorstep offering to help her, can she trust his kindness?

This is a heart-warming story about family, a first Christmas, and how God’s plan is always perfect in the end.

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Review + Tour: A Homewood Christmas

This collection of six Christmas novellas is presented to you by the Aunties of the King’s Daughters Writing Camp. They’ve been working for almost a year to put together a volume of Christmas stories set against the backdrop of a nostalgic Minnesota town—and scattered across history from the mid-1800s to the 21st century.

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Interview + New Release: Falling for the Farmer by Hannah Foster

Annabelle Stuart made the mistake of falling in love with her brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to notice her beyond being Austen’s little sis. Annabelle becomes a roller coaster of emotions as she attempts to be just friends with a guy she loves dearly. Can she put her ultimate hope in Christ even if her romantic dreams never turn out the way she hopes?

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Indie Author Day + Some Amazing Indie Authors!

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Wow, I had no clue there was an actual Indie Author Day until a few days ago. But I will take any chance I get to talk about some of my favorite authors and books! The vast majority of indie books I’ve read are extremely well-done and deserve just as much publicity as any traditionally published books. In fact, since indie publishing gives authors much more freedom than traditional, indie books are usually more creative and hard-hitting. So if you’re new to indie authors, give them a try! The sheer variety of indie books is epic – as you will see in just a second.

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Review: Ella Pursued by Hannah Foster

Ella Pursued by Hannah Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a sweet story! From the very first page, this one was just warm and welcoming. I loved the environment of Joe and Ella’s church! And despite this being a short story, I connected especially with Ella. No spoilers here, but I’m glad everything turned out as it did for her. Joe was a great character, too – just what Ella needed. He was a wise guy!

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