Indie Author Day + Some Amazing Indie Authors!

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Wow, I had no clue there was an actual Indie Author Day until a few days ago. But I will take any chance I get to talk about some of my favorite authors and books! The vast majority of indie books I’ve read are extremely well-done and deserve just as much publicity as any traditionally published books. In fact, since indie publishing gives authors much more freedom than traditional, indie books are usually more creative and hard-hitting. So if you’re new to indie authors, give them a try! The sheer variety of indie books is epic – as you will see in just a second.

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Review: Sing a Song Again by Katja H. Labonté

Sing a Song Again by Katja H. Labonté

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my, what an authentic, truth-filled story! I really enjoyed reading this – Ashley felt very human with realistic emotions and desires and struggles. And Susanna! What a sweetheart. She was such a good friend. I loved it when the girls bonded over their love of books – even Sherlock Holmes! Yes! The way Susanna was such a faithful friend to Ashley in spite of initial repulsion was so powerful. And Ashley worked through real-life problems. A lot of books have characters that have suffered extremely dramatic pasts, and while that’s true for some people and works great for some characters, this book felt even more realistic because Ashley struggled with betrayal from a friend. Many people can empathize with that in one form or another.

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