Some of My Favorite Pieces of Classical Music

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Other than writing, one of my other passions is music. I love many different types of music, but I’m very biased to classical music. (Not surprising, since I’ve played it for the vast majority of my life.) Strangely enough, I think classical music can be a lot like reading a book – if you don’t understand any of the words of the book, you won’t have an enjoyable reading experience. The same holds true for music – the more you understand music, the more you will appreciate it and enjoy it. Even though I love music, I like a piece much better if I have some background and familiarity with it. 🙂

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Liebster Award!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope each and every one of you have a lovely day and get to spend it with families, friends, and lots of good food. Thanksgiving always makes me get excited about yummy food, but what’s even more important than yummy food is the opportunity to remember and thank the Lord for all He’s given us. And He is so good, so kind, and so generous, isn’t He?

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