I Have a Newsletter!

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About three months late, I’ve finally gotten around to launching an author newsletter! 🙂 I’m hoping to have a lot of interesting content that I haven’t shared on the blog (and you’ll just get more of my ramblings – but I’m not sure if that’s very interesting.)

Lord willing, the first edition will be released in March. 🙂

Also, my non-technological-savvy self (yes, that has to be a word), is having problems figuring out why some emails are being sent to spam. So if you don’t get a confirmation email, be sure to check your spam. 🙂

The Beginnings and Story of Writing Unknown

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Well, this story begins very long along, in a distant land … just kidding. It does seem like a very long time ago when I first started writing Unknown back in late 2018. I’d just come off of writing a trilogy of Civil War books (what I consider my first “real” and finished books.) For some reason, I decided I wanted a change of pace and chose to write something in a modern setting.

And then somehow, I decided to set it in Russia. And why’s that?

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The Long, Convoluted Story of My Life as an Author

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(Just a warning, I’m stretching the “author” label here, because some of the stuff I wrote at certain parts of my life did not qualify me as an author. Yes, they were that bad.)

Like any other kid, I grew up writing short stories for school. I don’t remember being especially intrigued by writing at that point – probably because I was too lazy to be invested in writing if I had to copy it all down by hand. However, around the age of nine or ten, my mom had me work on my typing skills on this ancient computer we have in our basement.

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