Review of Promise of Refuge by Jayna Baas

Promise of Refuge by Jayna Baas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I first heard about this prequel to Preacher on the Run, I was so excited. Robert and Magdalen deserve all of the stories, in my opinion. But when I started reading, I got an extra treat since Mitchell was also a main component of the story!

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Blog Tour: Character Interview with Robert and Mitchell Boothe from Preacher on the Run

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to read and review Preacher on the Run by Jayna Baas (check out my review here!) The premise of the book was quite intriguing to me, and once I started reading it, I knew this was one good book and one great author! The situations presented in the book really made me think, especially in our current state of affairs in our country, and the relationships between all of the characters are so Christian and refreshing. Not to mention there’s a lot of action and great characters.

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