Cover Reveal: The Fall by Allyson Kennedy

Today I have the honor of taking part of the cover reveal for Allyson Kennedy’s newest book, The Fall. I reviewed the first book in the series, The Crush, a few weeks ago. But oh my, that book just ripped my heart out. It was so excellent in so many ways, and I can’t wait to read the second installment. 🙂

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Untold Blog Tour: Wrapup + Giveaway Winners (And Exciting News!)

And just like that, the blog tour for Untold has come to a close! A huge, huge thank you to all the amazing bloggers and social media people who posted on this tour – you all made this so special and fun for me. Thank you a million times over. And also, thank you to those of you who have followed along this past week and a half. I so appreciate your support!

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New Release and Guest Post by E. B. Roshan, Author of Judgment Call

Kiva is handsome, generous, and very much in love with recently-widowed Preen Enda. But the thought of becoming his wife fills her with dread—especially when men from her past—men who know too much—begin appearing in her peaceful town. It’s only a matter of time before her secrets are revealed.

If Kiva learns the truth about what happened to Preen’s first husband, will he still want to become her second?

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New Release: Darkness Draws Near by Kristina Hall

All right, guys, today is an exciting day, because I get to tell you all about my sister’s newest release, Darkness Draws Near! This is the second book in her series, Kentucky Midnight, and let me tell you – it’s so good. Dystopian, yet not your typical dystopian, a romance, yet not an average romance, and suspense – it’s full of action! And the characters … don’t even get me started on Friedrich and Mellie. 🙂 Those people are so much fun. And did I mention there’s a pro-life theme? Yeah, that just blew my socks off, because that makes the book even better than it already was. Have I convinced you yet? 🙂

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Tour + Review: Forgotten Memories by Penny Zeller

Some memories are best forgotten…

The Wyoming Territory is rife with lawlessness and disorder, something Annie Ledbetter and her parents discover when their wagon train is robbed. Seven years later, Annie settles into her lifelong dream as a teacher in the small town of Willow Falls. When she meets handsome rancher Caleb Eliason through a humorous misunderstanding, she is quickly drawn to his kind heart and charming smile.

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Cover Reveal: After Our Castle by Kellyn Roth

And they lived … well, happily ever after.

A year into a blissfully happy marriage, Violet Angel admits to a dose of skepticism. She’s not married, granted—but as the closest friend of the bride and groom, she feels she has a perspective no one but the people directly involved could have. There’s no such thing as a happy ending, and it’s only a matter of time before the castle in the sky plummets to earth.

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Reflections on a Year: Is It Worth It?

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On August 13th, 2021, I pressed that very scary button and published my first novel, Unknown. (I’m a few days late on its birthday, but I can’t believe my baby is so old!) Being a published author is different than I’d imagined—when I was young, I envisioned myself being published by some huge publishing house like Revell or Bethany House. (And I never imagined publishing a romantic suspense novel! Those were the days of historical fiction.) I dreamed of a far-off day when my book would be in the catalogs, when my book would be on displayed on a popular Christian fiction website.

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