Happy Birthday, Unworthy (And Why Did I Write about Depression and Suicide in Christian Fiction?)

Can you believe it’s already been a year – give or take a day – since I released Unworthy? (I kinda can, but it seems weird to think about it.) Of the three full-length novels I’ve written, Unworthy probably suffered the most from my over-enthusiastic editing. The original version of the book doesn’t look even halfway close to its published version.

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Black Friday Sale!

For Black Friday through Cyber Monday, all three of my books (Unknown, Unworthy, and Untold) are on sale for only $.99 in ebook form! Loads of other books are also on sale, including books by authors like Kristina Hall, Grace Johnson, Abby Burrus, Jayna Baas, Madisyn Carlin, and many, many more! Be sure to check out the sale!


Writing Updates (And Yes, Writing Updates!)

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And I’m back, only two months after my last update! (I am getting better at this, judging my last update came after nearly four months of radio silence.)

So the big accomplishment this time around was publishing Unworthy! I finished it around the first of February, and that was after much travail and many edits. 😊 Anyway, it’s out in the world now, so if you’d like to check it out, it’s available in print and ebook!

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Unworthy Launch Week: Persecution in Russia – and in Our Own Lives

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Back when I was editing Unknown, I began researching Baptist missionaries in Russia. (You know, needing to make sure that what I’m writing about might actually exist and all of that.) This was especially important when thinking about Gabe’s parents, who would’ve been serving in Russia during the post-Soviet years, when things in Russia were pretty crazy.

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