Interview: Abby Burrus, Author of Beneath the Willow Tree

A few months ago, I got the honor of reading Beneath the Willow Tree, a beautiful allegorical story about Jesus’ love for us. (Here’s my full review if you’d like to check it out!) And today, I get the privilege of interviewing the author of this lovely story, Abby Burrus! I really enjoyed her answers – she has a lot of wise advice, and I just love her mission in her writing. So without further adieu …

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Interview: Madisyn Carlin, Author of DECEIVED

This week, I’m excited to take part in the blog tour for Madisyn’s amazing debut novel, DECEIVED! I met Madi through her blog, and I was so impressed and edified by her blog posts. And then, when I heard she was publishing a book … yeah, I was excited. And now this lovely book is being launched into the world! Be sure to check DECEIVED out on Goodreads and Amazon, and if you’d like to purchase directly from the author, check out her website!

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Author Interview!

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Two posts in one day? That’s such a rarity for me, but I had the honor of being interviewed by my good friend Grace Johnson over at her blog. You can check out the interview here! Grace is a fellow author (Held Captive, Bound and Determined, as well as several short stories), so be sure to check out her books and the rest of her blog. She’s a great interviewer, and I had so much fun answering her wonderful questions – thanks again, Grace! 🙂

The Long, Convoluted Story of My Life as an Author

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(Just a warning, I’m stretching the “author” label here, because some of the stuff I wrote at certain parts of my life did not qualify me as an author. Yes, they were that bad.)

Like any other kid, I grew up writing short stories for school. I don’t remember being especially intrigued by writing at that point – probably because I was too lazy to be invested in writing if I had to copy it all down by hand. However, around the age of nine or ten, my mom had me work on my typing skills on this ancient computer we have in our basement.

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