Review of Operation Lionhearted by Maribeth Barber

Operation Lionhearted by Maribeth Barber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, what a debut novel! I’m going to be honest here – I’m not a fan of sci-fi stuff. I don’t know if I’ve ever read an entire sci-fi book in my life. However, Maribeth Barber has convinced me that it’s a good thing to venture out of my preferred genres!

One of the best things about this book were the characters. Lindy, Ethan, Jo, and the rest of the club were just so fun to read about. I loved the different relationships that existed between the characters – it wasn’t just the romance between the two MCs. Lindy and Jo’s friendship was just so fun, and Jo brought a great touch of humor. Her voice was so fun, and her comments lightened the book a lot. Lindy and Nana’s relationship was also really sweet, and I can’t forget Mariamne! I felt for her, especially at the end, but she really had a great character arc. In spite of the sci-fi setting, the characters seemed like they could be real people. The romance was quite light and clean, but it was sweet and not rushed at all. It felt very natural and wasn’t one of those “insta-love” types of relationships that sometimes plague books. The villains were awful – ugh Rael and all of his little minions- but they had some surprises up their sleeves, too.

The plot was mostly unpredictable (though I saw one twist coming, and I think the author meant for you to), and there was plenty of action. The climax was a whirlwind! I almost teared up in the end after one of the twists I didn’t see coming. No details, but it was so sad, but also bittersweet. I got a little bit confused occasionally, mostly in reference to some of the technological details of certain planets, but overall, the plot wasn’t too confusing and well-paced even for someone who knows nothing about science fiction.

The one issue that did bug me throughout the book were the uses of God’s Name. I don’t think the characters were praying, so it almost felt like they were using God’s Name in vain. That definitely made me a little uncomfortable.

The Biblical themes of this book also weren’t super heavy, but there were some beautiful moments that addressed God’s plan and how He works all things out for good. I would’ve appreciated more than the occasional prayer to the Lord, as well as mentions of Jesus and all He’s done for us. However, the Biblical themes that were included were quite nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed Operation Lionhearted. If you’re looking for a Christian book in the sci-fi department, you’ve got it! However, I think anyone who enjoys a good story would appreciate this book. I’m looking forward to reading more of Maribeth’s work in the future!

Thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

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