Official Release of Untold

You can only run for so long …

Two years hasn’t erased the sting of betrayal and the shadow of the past, but Nikolai Alexandrov has finally found a way to live. Moscow, Russia, is the last place anyone would look for a rogue ex-CIA officer, and the members of Grace Baptist Church see beyond his past to the man he is now.

Molly Baird never wanted to be a missionary, but due to her father’s wishes, she lands in Moscow to aid her missionary cousin, Gabe Kelly. All is foreign in the massive city, though, rendering her unable to serve. Only the few English speakers in Grace Baptist’s congregation hold a trace of familiarity—including Nikolai, whose kindness she can’t deny.

Yet when a sniper’s bullet strikes far too close, Nikolai and Molly are thrown together in a desperate race against untold threats. When time runs out, will Nikolai and Molly be able to trust God with the past—and with the future?

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Well, by God’s grace, the long-awaited day (at least for me!) has arrived. Like every other book, Untold held its fair share of drama and problems throughout the editing process, but now it’s all done! 🙂

Since I have an upcoming blog/social media tour (sign up here if you’re interested), all the exciting posts will come a bit later. 🙂 However, if you’re interested in receiving an ARC copy, let me know by signing up with this form!

31 thoughts on “Official Release of Untold

  1. AHHHHH!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL!!! (Oh, and I’m almost done with Unworthy, and it’s SO GOOD. You were right about being worried for Evgeny and Sasha, though. *sobs and holds her babies tight*)

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  2. *screams* I MISSED THIS UNTIL NOW???!! (In all fairness, I was away about to do school at the time of this release. Please show me mercy. Else I shall respond with your beloved ditty… 😉 ) But YAY YOU!!! *hugs you*

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  3. AAAAAAH CONGRATULATIONS ON THE RELEASE VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *showers you in confetti and chocolate* *high fives* I AM SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED TO READ UNTOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I’m so excited, I bumped it up on my list of online books so I can read it after I finish the one I’m in!!!!! *squeals* I can’t wait for the blog tour!!!! Tis gonna be AWESOMEEE!!!!! 🙂

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    • Aww, Issabelle, thank you so very much! (I appreciate the chocolate and confetti – especially chocolate. Yum!!) And that’s so sweet of you to bump Untold up on your to-read list (I know those things are endless these days! So many good books out there!)


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